Monday, January 10, 2011

3D Greeting Card Class - Samples

These cards have been created from instructions provided in a CD purchased from Technique Junkies

 First card illustrated is a Side Step Card. I've provided 3 photos, so you understand how it looks, if you were here, in person.

The hardest part is getting the folds correct!  The rest is applying mattes and your images.

The next card, to the right below (Owl) is a Pop-out Tunnel card.  I've taught pop-out cards before and tunnel cards, but not combined, so this was new for me.  What a great way to bring a surprise to someone!  I thought this made a terrific birthday card. The front of the card was kept deceptively simple, to add to the surprise!

I've provided a side view, so you can see the pop-out sizing. 

The Valentine's card is 4" x 4" square, so I had to throw in a designer paper envelope to match.

 This is a Box Corner card, so it folds out and stays open nicely, with a "floor" to the card that is decorated like the rest of the card. It I were to do this card again, and my class will find out on Saturday, I would not include the 2 inner pop-outs as it is too much.  It the "Love" were a little smaller, it would work better.

The next card is a French Door card, which is similar to a waterfall card.  There are 2 waterfalls, though, which hide a greeting underneath.  You pull out the 2 waterfalls by the ribbons to reveal the hidden message.

This last card is a Kaleidoscope wedding card (to send as a guest/friend).  Again, I've kept the outside very simple because there is so much on the inside. This is a card with layers of windows that add dimension. They are held together by brads through all the layers, which shouldn't show on the exterior of the card.  I completed the card front before finishing the inside of the card -- a no-no in this particular card!

I hope my guests enjoy the class on Saturday!!!  There's still a few spots available, should you be able to come, but you need to let me know immediately!  Preparation for this class takes a lot of time!

Monday, January 3, 2011

3D Card Class - Reminder

January 15th, 2-4 p.m., 5 cards for $25.00 – Variety of Greeting Cards

RSVP no later than 1 week in advance. Payment due at start of class.